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Club Plane

The Zenith CH 750 Cruzer was built by Chapter 85 over the course of nearly four years, a grand undertaking made simpler by the generous and colossal devotion of time, energy, and expertise from the volunteers. No matter which day, there was always activity at Delta Heritage Airpark; a never-ending energy sharply focused on the project.

It was a true labour of love that continues to this day in the maintenance, upkeep, and improvement of the Cruzer. Countless hours of work. Meticulous construction. A nearly unfathomable level of combined brainpower and expertise. These all came together to produce a fantastic, capable machine that would now carry its occupants off the turf runway at Delta into the sky to enjoy the magic of flight.

First Flight

The first flight was on May 13, 2019, conducted by Sebastien Seykora. The second flight was on June 12, also with Sebastien at the controls. The third flight was on June 15 with Jim Stunden at the controls. Watch the first flight here.

There is more information about the Cruzer on this YouTube Channel.


As of May 1, 2021, the paint job has been completed, after many months of hard and dedicated work. The Cruzer is ready for a new flying season.

The result of many hours of work!

Cost of flying

Annual Cost: $150
The annual rate is due in May at the time of insurance renewal unrelated to the time of joining as a pilot. All pilots must be checked out before their first flight.

Hourly Rate: $100
The rate per Hobbs hour includes fuel (wet rate).