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If you want more information or have specific questions about Chapter 85, feel free to reach out. Below is a list of important contacts.


TitleNameE-mail AddressPhone Number
PresidentAlex MacKaypresident [at] raa85.ca604-833-6248
Past PresidentKesar Nizzarpastpresident [at]
Vice PresidentPeter Sleemanvicepresident [at] raa85.ca604-837-1615
SecretaryTim Novaksecretary [at] raa85.ca778-580-5787
TreasurerAlex MacKaytreasurer [at] raa85.ca604-833-6248
ProgramsDave Hallier – Tia Evans – Lien Transprograms [at]


NamePhone Number
Shawn Connelly604-535-9603
Perry Delano
John de Visser604-277-4377
Cyril Henderson604-272-6884
Eric Munzer604-530-8038
John Macready778-953-5545


PositionNameE-mail AddressPhone Number
Aircraft ChairHarald Schiedelaircraft [at] raa85.ca604-312-2043
Buildings ChairJohn De Visserbuildings [at] raa85.ca604-277-4377
Chief PilotDave Hallierchiefpilot [at]
CustodianTom Phillipscustodian [at]
Flight SafetyPaul Wyckhuyseflightsafety [at]
Fly OutsTom Phillipsflyouts [at]
Membership ChairRan Sarielmembership [at] raa85.ca778-987-5755
Newsletter EditorGeorge Gregorynewsletter [at] raa85.ca604-773-0035
WebmasterPoul Rasmussenwebmaster [at]